[FFmpeg-user] Problems playing mjpeg stream at different bitrates

Fabian Kurt fabian.kurt at tomtom-tools.com
Tue Sep 18 09:44:12 EEST 2018

> I tested the two streams you provided with vlc 3.0.4 and both behave exactly as with FFmpeg (which is generally expected).
> Did you test another version?

But one of the files is working with FFplay, right? We tested with VLC 2.2.6.

> More important though:
> But you did not comment on the main point of my reply: Why do you want to add a (possibly difficult) work-around for a 
> broken encoder: Don't you control the encoder as well? Can't you fix it?

So the problem with the COM marker is about the encoder. Are you sure it's an encoder problem, on both streams? 
Why then does one play and the other not at FFplay? We can't change the encoder.


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