[FFmpeg-user] Timestamp for variable frame rate (VFR ) video

Wolfgang Hugemann auto at hugemann.de
Tue Sep 18 23:25:40 EEST 2018

> Please tell us more about the properties of your actual
> input file to give us a chance to help you.

I would supply it by link, but I can't: It shows a video taken by a
surveillance camera prior to a vehicular accident, and I am obliged to
keep it secret.

It shows the video running on a computer screen, filmed by a mobile
phone camera and then transferred via WhatsApp. These people have ideas ...

Nevertheless, I have just read that most mobile phone cameras record VFR
video and I have just proven that to be correct for my mobile phone
camera. I will produce some demo videos, showing a turntable or alike
(i.e. something moving or turning at constant speed), which will let me
allow to check how correctly ffmpeg deals with VFR video.

These videos can then be easily provided, if necessary. I will inform
you about the results.

Thanks for your help so far!
Wolfgang Hugemann

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