[FFmpeg-user] using loudnorm only for true-peak limiting ?

Frédéric Busnel-Joncour fred.bj at free.fr
Wed Sep 19 12:37:15 EEST 2018

>> Hi there,
>> I sometimes need to adjust true-peak of audio files, only for small corrections (from -0.7 to -1.0 for example), and leave everything else unchanged. As there's no dedicated true-peak limiter in ffmpeg audio filters (if I'm not wrong), I tried with loudnorm filter, but even when entering same input and output Integrated and LRA values, there's some corrections that are made. Is there any way to tell loudnorm to just adjust true-peak and leave anything else unchanged ?
> For this, do not use loudnorm, just resample the audio to 4*sample_rate, apply a traditional limiter (e.g. alimiter filter) and then downsample it.

Thanks Marton, that makes sense.

Best regards,


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