[FFmpeg-user] Difference in mp3 to wav conversion?

Rudolf A. Braun rab014 at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 12:14:39 EEST 2019

I work in speech recognition. I first noticed yesterday that I'm getting
different results than normal when using ffmpeg to convert an audio file
from mp3 to wav. When I use sox I get the same results as before, so there
must be some recent change with ffmpeg that is messing things up.

The command I'm using is `ffmpeg -loglevel error -i $1 -ar 16000 -acodec
pcm_s16le $2` with the sox equivalent being `sox $1 -t wavpcm -r 16000 -e
signed -b 16 $2`.

Would be nice to know what exactly is responsible for the difference.

Cheers Rudolf

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