[FFmpeg-user] DeckLink Duo 2 duplex_mode doesn't work

Rik Roukens rik.roukens at theoceanrace.com
Wed Aug 7 21:00:11 EEST 2019

Thanks for your response Mustafa, the cards are definitely capable of it,
as I've done it in windows.
perhaps you need to set the duplex mode on 1 and 2, which then opens up sdi
3&4 to be individually programmed.
I'll give that a go tomorrow, it sounds a bit strange, as it would mean
that you always have to run a command on input 1 and 2 before you are
'allowed' to use sdi input 3 and 4.

I'll report back tomorrow.


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On Wed, 7 Aug 2019 at 19:48, Mustafa Al Ani <mustafalani at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi Rik,
> I think the duplex mode is only supported in ports 1&2.
> Apart from that, I have never been able to enable video input on 3&4, I
> spoke with Blackmagic support but never got a useful answer. Never trust
> what they write in their products descriptions.
> Please let me know if you got video input on 3&4, I would very much like to
> see it working.
> Regards,
> Mustafa
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