[FFmpeg-user] converting apple pro res 422 to H.265 pushes red/changes color

Uwe Gross (BLOOMBERG/ FRANKFURT) ugross at bloomberg.net
Thu Aug 8 08:45:51 EEST 2019

im trying to convert an exported .mov file thats Prores 420 10 bit LE, 709 color space
with the H.265 main preset in ffworks. 

When I encode the file with h.264 all is good and gives me great quality. When I do the same for h.265 (didnt pick 10 or 12 bit preset) using no profile (like high, main etc), preset for slower encoding, CRF = 25 I get an Ok file but with too much red color which is not in the original and not coming out when I use h.264. No other settings altered inn the preset

So its like the whole picture has pushed reds. Is this a known issue perhaps or a simply thing to fix with a setting. The other colors are ok its just that red comes out wrong.
If needed I can provide example images but I have the feeling this is a known issue, 
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