[FFmpeg-user] converting apple pro res 422 to H.265 pushes red/changes color

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 12:17:03 EEST 2019

Am Do., 8. Aug. 2019 um 07:46 Uhr schrieb Uwe Gross (BLOOMBERG/
FRANKFURT) <ugross at bloomberg.net>:

> im trying to convert an exported .mov file thats Prores 420 10 bit LE, 709 color
> space with the H.265 main preset in ffworks.


> When I encode the file with h.264 all is good and gives me great quality.

This would indicate that:
There is no bug in the Prores decoder
There is no bug in the colour space conversion
There is no bug in the h264 encoder (that is not part of FFmpeg)

(I am not saying there are no bugs, this is just what your writing indicates)

> When I do the same for h.265

But you cannot do "the same" for h,265: Just as libx264, libopen264
and the gpu driver
are not part of FFmpeg, there is also no h265 encoder within FFmpeg.
There is also no reason to assume that certain options that have the
same name for
x264 and x265 work exactly the same (even less so if you use other encoders).

Try exporting a rawvideo file and use it as input to x264 and x265
(the command line
utilities) to verify that for your sample, x264 works better than x265.
(Or the encoders you use)

If you need further support here, please provide the command line you tested
together with the complete, uncut console output.

Carl Eugen

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