[FFmpeg-user] coding video for some old Sony

Kieran O Leary kieran.o.leary at gmail.com
Thu Aug 8 22:14:01 EEST 2019


On Thu, 8 Aug 2019, 20:07 Erik Dobák, <erik.dobak at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> i have an old Sony Bravia which accepts only MPEG4 as video and MP3 as
> audio. If i want to watch videos i do it with this command:
> ffmpeg -i the_kingdom_of_dreams_and_madness.mp4 -b:v 1M -vcodec mpeg4 -vtag
> xvid -acodec libmp3lame -q:a 2 the_kingdom_of_dreams_and_madness.avi
> but for some reason some video do not play at all. some do.
> is there a way that the input video could influence the output? I thought
> that when i resample with ffmpeg to these basic codecs all will work...
Maybe frame size and bitrate? Post the complete console output of an
instance where the file worked ok your TV and one instance where it didn't.



> Any hints?
> E
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