[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg - openWRT -

Philip Chisholm phil at filzer.com
Tue Aug 13 19:01:06 EEST 2019


Can you add libx264 to ffmpeg on openwrt.

OS: openwrt
Device: Linkit 7688 duo
Architecture: mips 2kc

Currently we can only get Flash (flv) to stream form device.
Flash is bad for web...need to 'ok' browers - plus security issues...

And from reading many discussions...we need libx264 to stream in other formats

We want to be able to live stream from device to web - in other formats other than Flash (flv).
Some format that will be ok for top browsers (and mobile apps iOS and Android).
We think mpeg is ok - but you may know better...

Thanks so much!!


Philip Chisholm

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