[FFmpeg-user] Seek to dts or to pts or depending on the format?

Gabriele Greco gabrielegreco at gmail.com
Tue Aug 20 12:52:20 EEST 2019

If I do:

ffmpeg -ss 123.05 -i input.file [...]

the seek is on the PTS or on the DTS?

Looking at avcodec documentation it seems that some formats seek to pts and
some others to to dts, and there is a flag to detect this, but from the
command line tool interface how does this work?

It's different now (with ffmpeg 4.x) using:

ffmpeg -i input.file -ss 123.05 [...]

... I know that with older versions that seek was more precise and slower,
but i read somewhere that it's no more the case...

Thanks in advance,

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