[FFmpeg-user] transcode/convert /copy

Ron Barnes rbarnes at njdevils.net
Mon Mar 4 00:02:45 EET 2019

Hello all,

I am transcoding a movie to h.265 and converting the 1st audio stream to MP3.  My question is this, is there a way to convert the 1st audio stream to MP3 AND THEN copy the exact same audio stream as it was originally encoded?
My goal is to have two copies, one of them as original and one of them as MP3.

Please see my script below..

ffmpeg -i "INPUT.mkv" -c:v libx265 -analyzeduration 6000M -probesize 6000M -preset medium -map 0 -c:s copy -c:a:0 libmp3lame -b:a:0 128k -reserve_index_space 2500k -crf 23 -pix_fmt yuv420p -color_primaries bt2020 -color_trc smpte2084 -colorspace bt2020nc -color_range tv -ac 2 -metadata title="SOMETHING" OUTPUT.mkv



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