[FFmpeg-user] How to correct dark video with bright background

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sun Mar 10 23:05:24 EET 2019

Am 10.03.2019 um 21:33 schrieb Gerardo Ballabio:
> Thank you Michael -- but that means I still have to find good values
> of brightness, contrast, gamma, saturation and hue to use with Gimp.
> When I've done that, then couldn't I just apply the same values in
> ffmpeg using the "eq" filter?

That won't work because in most cases the values for brightness, 
contrast, saturation and so on don't have the same units in different 

> Or are you saying that Gimp has effects that ffmpeg doesn't have?

The main advantage of IrfanView or Gimp is that you immediately see the 
result when you change the parameters. Theoretically you can do the same 
thing with FFmpeg, but it's very time consuming because you need a lot 
of test runs.


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