[FFmpeg-user] Filter to detect video glitches

Kieran O Leary kieran.o.leary at gmail.com
Mon Mar 11 09:57:43 EET 2019

On Sun, 10 Mar 2019, 07:29 Venkateswaran.S, <venketeswaran2015 at gmail.com>

> Hi all,
> I wants to detect glitches in my video. Is there any filter to achieve it.?

Have you looked into the signalstats filter? It is often used in the
QCTools application in order to find glitches in digitised/migrated
analogue/digital videotapes.
It looks like your example image might have a spike in UV values and maybe
even a spike in saturation. It could be worth analysing a glitchy video in
QCTools,figuring out which stats seem to be triggered by the glitches you
encounter,then add the appropriate calls to your API usage. The qct-parse
python tool tries something somewhat similar



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