[FFmpeg-user] FFmpeg muxing over HTTP

Glenn W wolfe.t.glenn at gmail.com
Thu Mar 14 07:51:03 EET 2019


I am trying to mux my raw h264 video to RTSP packets over HTTP.

However, using wireshark and reading the docs, I see this is not an option.

I tried a hack using `-f rtsp http:xxx.x.x.:xxx/xx`  but it was still only
sending over TCP.

My use case is that I am needing to send this stream to a web app running
in cloud.

If not using RTSP, is there any other way to use FFmpeg to send raw h264
packets over HTTP. I have looked into HLS protocol, but this is more only
used for hosting. I need to SEND h264 packets efficiently as possible, and
over HTTP.

I don't understand why this should not be possible, as FFmpeg can use RTSP
protocol to request over HTTP when demuxing. On my server side, I am also
using FFmpeg to read rtsp stream using `ffmpeg -rtsp_flags listen
-rtsp_transport http -i ....`

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