[FFmpeg-user] H264 timecode

Enrico Vittorini forforumita at outlook.com
Thu Mar 14 16:45:19 EET 2019

i tried the showinfo but h264 timeode is not shown. checking the doc https://www.ffmpeg.org/ffmpeg-all.html#showinfo
i did not find anything related to timecode

any clue?

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Thanks for the reply. Can you suggest an example am?

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2019-03-14 8:04 GMT+01:00, Enrico Vittorini <forforumita at outlook.com>:

> i see that version 4.1 support "S12M timecode decoding in h264".
> Can someone explain me how to use it wiht a TS input file?

The showinfo filter should display the timecode.

Carl Eugen
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