[FFmpeg-user] Problems trying to compile FFmpeg on MinGW under Cygwin - dependency contamination or something else?

James Darnley james.darnley at gmail.com
Fri Mar 15 12:37:13 EET 2019

On 2019-03-15 03:48, Hashim Aziz wrote:
> What kind of response is that? I'm obviously trying to install libaom, that's why I'm here in what is apparently the only official FFmpeg avenue and asking for help with it. Did you actually read my questions?

What kind of response do you expect from an *ffmpeg* list?  pkg-config
does not find the library *if you actually installed it*.

Cygwin does not have a package manager.  Cygwin does not have a libaom
package.  This means you must build from source.  This means you must
build with the mingw "cross compiler" if you don't want a dependency on
cygwin1.dll.  This means you must install into where pkg-config expects
to find packages otherwise you can use PKG_CONFIG_PATH to change it.

I don't build mingw executables so I don't even know if a cygwin lib
will link correctly with mingw ones in a mingw exe.  Pick one flavour.

Furthermore you appeared to ignore the fact that configure failed and
ran make anyway so I assume you can't read error messages that are printed.

Finally: do not top post.

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