[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG and VirtualDub

Robert Aronson raron.signup at gmail.com
Thu Mar 21 01:12:19 EET 2019

Honestly, I don't appreciate your condescending attitude. I did do some 
research before coming here but found nothing that helped my 
understanding. I also privately troubleshot for a long time. Only then 
did I finally resort to asking for help. I have many external encoders 
up and running fine. FFMPEG is the only one that's been giving me 
trouble, probably because FFMPEG has been confusing to me for a long 
time, and only recently have I begun to understand it a bit.

Now, that being said, when I use your command line suggestion it crashes 
as before. The error (as reported by VirtualDub), if I understand the 
log correctly, is saying that the input it's seeing is what I know 
should be the output, and the output it's reporting is what I know 
should be the final result after muxing video and audio together through 
a separate VirtualDub process. Note, in all my functional external 
encoder command lines, "%(tempvideofile)" specifies the output.

On my original line, there is no useful error message given by 
VirtualDub. It just says that the "pipe has ended" after processing 0 
seconds. But, using FFMPEG's "-report" function (which I found from 
using Google, believe it or not, because your "true/false" statements 
below made no sense to me), I get an error message of, "Invalid data 
found when processing input." The source video, however, is not corrupt, 
and works fine in FFMPEG on a raw command line outside of VirtualDub.

Thank you for your help thus far.

On 3/20/2019 6:44 PM, Moritz Barsnick wrote:
> On Wed, Mar 20, 2019 at 12:47:31 -0400, Robert Aronson wrote:
>> I can't for the life of me get FFMPEG to work with VirtualDub.
> Have you tried google?
>> The following line works fine on a command line:
>>           ffmpeg -i 01.mkv -c:v copy test.mkv
> But that's not too closely related to this:
>> But if I try the closest I can in VirtualDub's external encoder...
>>           Command arguments: -i - -c:v copy "%(tempvideofile)"
> Here you're trying to let ffmpeg encode from stdin, which is different
> from your attempt above.
> But while googling, I noticed that %(tempvideofile) should be
> VirtualDub's output file, which ffmpeg would use as input.
> E.g. here:
> https://encodingtalk.com/threads/virtualdub-save-direct-to-mp4-fraps-to-youtube-with-external-encoders.2446/page-2#post-13731
> So you would use
> 	Command arguments: -i "%(tempvideofile)" -c:v copy -f h264 "%(outputname)"
>> ...it doesn't work at all. What can I do to fix this?
> What, nothing? No console output, no feedback, no error message?
> Apparently, you can use something like
>        "logStdout": true,
>        "logStderr": true,
> Then ffmpeg would show you a lot of useful information in some log.
> Moritz, knows absolutely nothing about VirtualDub (but how to use a
> search engine)
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