[FFmpeg-user] Problem when using scale_cuda filter

Александр alexspace at mail.ru
Thu Mar 21 11:20:41 EET 2019

Thanks for the answer.

 > Is there a specific reason as to why you'd prefer scale_cuda over
 > scale_npp?

Indeed, scale_cuda accepts width and height options only. In my 
situation I have a small project on Windows and as far as I know, there 
is no way to compile static version of ffmpeg with libnpp support. That 
is why scale_cuda is more convenient to me, because it doesn't require 
CUDA SDK installed.

Even so, the problem remains and I would be very grateful if someone 
more experienced than me would confirm this issue before reporting it. 
This filter was added almost 2 years ago, I believe more in my 
incompetence than in existence of such a critical and obvious bug which 
corrupts the output.

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