[FFmpeg-user] Making length of both videos equal while using chromakey (colorkey )filter.

Usman Archi usmanarchi66 at gmail.com
Wed Mar 27 16:03:49 EET 2019

I'm making a video from two videos of different lengths. i want to trim
video which will be large in length and should be the same size of both
videos before removing chorma color(Alpha color) from one video.

i'm using following filter:

-y -i (videoPath1) -i (videoPath2) -filter_complex
-map [out] -map 0:a -b 3200000 -s 640:360 -c:a copy (outputPath)

now i'm getting following error:
No output pad can be associated to link label 'ckout'.

can you please suggest me the solution?

i want to remove a color from foreground video and save the output video by
trimming the larger length video from both videos as the length of smaller
video in efficient time.

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