[FFmpeg-user] Add logo with ffmpeg and obtain livestream link

carto lover cartolover at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 12:33:59 EET 2020

Hi i'm new to ffmpeg and it's very promising

i want to add a logo to stream video i tested it and obtained an mp4 file
and all is fine:

ffmpeg -y -i myhttplinkstreaming -i ./logo1.jpeg -filter_complex
"overlay=10:10" OUT_1.mp4

if i want to restream it live...

is it possible to remove out_1.mp4 and have something like myip:1234??

i tried:

ffmpeg -i myhttplink -i logo.png -filter_complex overlay -f mpegts

[image: Immagine.png]

seems that start but if i go on vlc and add udp://myip:myport nothing happens
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