[FFmpeg-user] ffplay and buffering

Gianfranco Migliozzi thegiamig at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 13:06:04 EET 2020

Hi all, I'm new on the mailing list.
I have to play an RTP h264 stream.
I provided a file sdp on the command line and works fine.
The problem is a sort of buffering introduced by ffplay (I can see easily
the problem playing the stream also with gstreamer).
During the streaming by the server, if I stop the server, ffplay doesn't
display the last frame received, gstreamer instead show the correct one.
Sometimes after some seconds from the stop ffplay updates the image without
receiving more data, as for an internal flush, but again the image isn't
the last one.
I tried some parameters without results:
-fflags nobuffer
-avioflags direct
-rtbufsize 0

Thanks for any pointer.

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