[FFmpeg-user] v360 / perspective

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Tue Dec 1 20:56:32 EET 2020


there seem to be some problems in the v360 filter with "perspective" output.
Tested with the latest Windows built, 2 days old. You can reproduce this 
with any equirectangular input image.

ffmpeg -i equirectangular_test.png -lavfi v360=e:perspective -y out1.png

The output of the above command has two problems:
-- The center of the input image is not mapped to the center of the 
output image. For most other projections the image center is preserved.
-- The output is mirror reversed (which means you cannot read text).

Both problems can be corrected with this workaround:

ffmpeg -i equirectangular_test.png -lavfi 
v360=e:perspective:pitch=90:v_flip=1 -y out2.png

Now I want to add a yaw rotation after the pitch rotation:

ffmpeg -i equirectangular_test.png -lavfi 
v360=e:perspective:rorder=pyr:pitch=90:yaw=20:v_flip=1 -y out3.png

But in the output you can see that a roll rotation was done.


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