[FFmpeg-user] Uninstalling ffmpeg

Carl Zwanzig cpz at tuunq.com
Tue Dec 1 21:17:56 EET 2020

On 12/1/2020 10:23 AM, Reindl Harald wrote:
>> How do I uninstall ffmpeg considering this installation process?

That .7z file appears to contain a single statically-linked ffmpeg 
executable, so just delete the file "ffmpeg".

> ask whoever provided a useless installer for unix systems

If you'd done even the slightest research (as I did, took under a minute), 
you'd see that the "installer" consists of unzipping the .7z file and 
getting a single ffmpeg executable. Which can then be deleted. (And... 
that's a Mac build, not a *nix build.)

If you don't have anything useful to say, better not to say anything.


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