[FFmpeg-user] Uninstalling ffmpeg

NotHarald Reindl notharaldreindl at gmail.com
Tue Dec 1 23:56:46 EET 2020

> Reindl Harald wrote:
> people with a brain inform theirself where stuff which is not in a native
package format (deb/rpm) is throwing itÄs crap and how get rid of it
*before* spit random stuff into their systems

*Corrections*: People with *brains* [people = plural, so brains should be
plural] inform theirself *themselves* where stuff [the word "stuff" is an
imprecise term, particularly in a tech context where precision really
matters]  ... *itÄs* [Try to avoid umlauts in English, especially as a
substitute for apostrophes.  Or do you mean "it as"?  Please clarify] and
how *to* get rid of it before spitting random stuff into their system

> Reindl Harald wrote:
> if the OP would have done "even the slightest research" the whole treahd
won#t exist, it exists because are people tooo dumb or too lazy (chose what
you want) to type their idiotic questions into some random search engine

*Corrections*: if the OP would have done "even the slightest research" [Quotes
are not a form of emphasis in English]  the whole treahd won#t exist ["the
whole* thread wouldn't *exist". Watch your placement of the letter "h" in
"thread".  "treahd" isn't a word.  The # symbol isn't a form of
punctuation.  And if you want to use a conditional, use the proper
conjugation.  English conjugations are really, really easy compared to most
other Latin-based & Germanic languages.  Also try typing slower.  You sound

> Reindl Harald wrote:
> people need to learn empower themself by learn understand basics and use
a search engine in 2020

*Corrections*: people need to learn [*to*] empower themself [*themselves*] by
learn*ing to* understand basic *[um, English]* and use [*using* --
parallel structure, please] a search engine in 2020 [this last part is
error free!!]

> what did i do in the 1990's without internet at all?

Apparently spent time studying technology without a commensurate effort in
language or social skills.

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