[FFmpeg-user] Profanity in messages

hinderanyoption81 hinderanyoption81 at protonmail.com
Wed Dec 2 18:56:04 EET 2020

> Hi Phil,
> (Deliberate top posting!)
> I can’t answer your question, but:
> I think this list has a policy where ‘anything goes, as there are not bad ideas, just differences in taste.’
> In (and that goes back thousands of years) history, ‘history’ is written by the ones who won the war, not by the ones who were right.
> (Small example, a Professor here once wrote: ‘The difference between a freedom fighter and a terrorist is if the US backing him up.’
> So, I get flamed for top posting now, but I will NOT get banned.
> That’s a good thing.
> Having a ‘different’ opinion, it’s allowed here, and I TRUELY support that, even when it’s total bullshit.
> Just make a message rule to filter out if you like, I personally like the concept of free speech. (Again, even if that includes total arrogant bullshit. I’m not a judge, nor are you.)
> Bouke

Is there a mailing list filter that can be turned on to automatically discard messages containing profanity? If not, might it be a good idea to treat messages containing profanity the same way as spam?

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