[FFmpeg-user] Compilation Guide / MSVC on Wiki

Chris Angelico rosuav at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 19:36:29 EET 2020

On Thu, Dec 3, 2020 at 4:32 AM hinderanyoption81 via ffmpeg-user
<ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org> wrote:
> Hello,
> Upon reading the "Compilation Guide / MSVC on Wiki", I am confused about at least three issues.
> 1. The Guide starts with a sentence "FFmpeg can be built on Windows with Visual Studio", and then it says:
> Finally, run: For MSVC:
> ./configure --toolchain=msvc
> make
> make install
> First, this is a Unix command that will not run on Windows. Second, does "make" refer to a Windows make.exe or a Unix make.exe, and where is that file located?
> 2. The Guide says that "www.mingw.org" is a prerequisite. Their web installer at osdn.net/projects/mingw/downloads/68260/mingw-get-setup.exe doesn't work (I get error messages like

The point of mingw is to have access to all those essential Unix
commands, even though you're on Windows. So the key here is to get
mingw successfully installed. I can't help with the specifics there,
but that's definitely what needs to happen.


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