[FFmpeg-user] Uninstalling ffmpeg

Andy Sheimo asheimo at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 21:25:02 EET 2020

> i just don't get the stupidity of the OP which can be solved by a little
> child within 2 minutes of thinking in case of a slow brain
> having a static binary somewhere is a no-brainer - period

Actually having a static binary is not a no brainer. I know that I use a
static binary and I can make said static binary jump through hoops, but I
can't tell you why I use a static binary or the difference between that and
a shared binary. Someday I should probably learn but as of today I don't
know. if that makes me "a little child" with "a slow brain" then said
person is brilliant.

Also not everyone has great google-fu, sometimes finding the right keywords
is difficult, so in some cases why not ask a group of people that use the
software all the time? They will be able to answer quickly.

I've asked questions here and gotten zero responses, does that mean I have
been shunned? I doubt it, it's more likely that I have asked something that
no one has an answer for. Does that make everyone on this list "a little

Perspective is everything, I suggest you re-evaluate yours.

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