[FFmpeg-user] Uninstalling ffmpeg

Glenn S. Odagawa FlipFlops2001 at zoho.com
Wed Dec 2 21:37:34 EET 2020

On 12/2/2020 12:52 PM, Reindl Harald wrote:
> Am 02.12.20 um 18:05 schrieb Carl Zwanzig:
>> All this makes me wonder where all the built-up anger came from, and 
>> why you bother even reading this mailing list. AFAIK you've never 
>> actually answered a question
> you have no idea how it sounds hen i am angry
> i just don't get the stupidity of the OP which can be solved by a 
> little child within 2 minutes of thinking in case of a slow brain
> having a static binary somewhere is a no-brainer - period
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1.) Y'all make me ill.
2.) Whether in Unix/Linix/Windows, FFMpeg (either the "full executable" 
or the "shared" version [the ones with the .dll's and the one we should 
be using] may be uninstalled just by erasing the downloaded files. 
FFMpeg does not require any additional or hidden files to be installed 
on the local machine.
3.) Q. Why would you want to uninstall FFMpeg?

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