[FFmpeg-user] Public FFmpeg Docker images built with GitHub Actions

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Thu Dec 10 00:56:33 EET 2020

Am Di., 8. Dez. 2020 um 00:40 Uhr schrieb Ryan Williams <ryan at runsascoded.com>:

> re: performance, I ran one very unscientific timing comparison of the
> Docker version vs. my brew-installed ffmpeg (on macOS); down-sampling a
> ≈500MB 40Mbps video to 10Mbps. I have Docker for Mac configured to use 7 of
> 8 available cores, and ffmpeg-in-docker seemed to use up to 7 cores, and
> run about 10% slower than the same command in my brew-managed ffmpeg (which
> can use all 8 available cores on my machine); it was something like 2m10s
> vs 2m30s iirc.

For a very long time, 10% has been considered a huge performance impact
in FFmpeg development.

Carl Eugen
(who has no idea what advantage or disadvantage a docker image has)

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