[FFmpeg-user] Ffmpeg list camera capabilities

Alan White alan at whitemail.net
Fri Dec 11 00:37:17 EET 2020

Hi folks,

Can anyone help me understand how to trigger ffmpeg to list the resolutions and frame rates supported by attached video cameras on Linux please? 

With dshow on windows the options can be listed, with avfoundation on macOS you can pass a bogus frame rate and it lists the valid ones however on Linux all I can find is the list of supported resolutions for supported encoding formats, no frame rates. 

I know I could use v4l2-ctl if it was installed, but I’m hoping to be able to avoid obliging users to install that. 

Ultimately I’d like to be able to use the apis from libav* to get this info, but initially looking to scrape the answers from ffmpeg output. 


Alan White
alan at whitemail.net

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