[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg webpage/source for ffmpeg version Windows 32-bit

pavel.lopa at seznam.cz pavel.lopa at seznam.cz
Mon Dec 14 12:55:23 EET 2020

I am looking for some official verified resources for ffmpeg in version Win 
32-bit, best directly from the author FFmpeg.
I don't know, but which ones they are.

Thanks in advance.


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Datum: 14. 12. 2020 2:14:30
Předmět: Re: [FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg webpage/source for ffmpeg version Windows 
"On 12/13/2020 4:23 PM, pavel.lopa at seznam.cz wrote:
> On what website can I please download ffmpeg for Windows 32-bit?

Did you do a web search for that? It'll turn up a few hits.

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