[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG has trouble processing file while VLC plays mp2ts just fine

serge2school korn.moffle at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 16 07:28:31 EET 2020


thank you for looking into it! 

I have used:

1. TVTest (https://github.com/tsukumijima/TVTest)  for Windows and also
tried recpt1 (https://github.com/stz2012/recpt1.git) with the same result.

I suspect that there is video, audio, and the other tracks are probably some
sort of closed caption and TV-related info. It is recording it from a TV
tuner.  (for some reason, I want to spell it as "tunner")

All I really need is video and audio. I do not even need that good of
quality. At first, I thought I would just ignore PTS errors, but then the
offset gets really off, and I cannot really tell where in the video I am at. 

The strange characters you are seeing for meta-data - I suspect it is UTF-8
Japanese characters. They always look ugly like that. I assume we need
ffmpeg compiled to support Japanese encoding to show it correctly.  I am
surprised to see these many streams... it is like it is finding streams
where none exist. Also, I would assume that with .ts encapsulation it would
be much easier to identify everything since the info is after each key

For replay, I see that it should be a standard MPEG-2 decoder. They even
provide a GIT link for a Japanese version:

I tried it, and there were no errors playing the file. According to the
description inside the code, it seems as they are using MPEG-2 VLD to

I also noticed they have handlers for: MEDIASUBTYPE_RGB32, MEDIASUBTYPE_IYUV

Since it is reading just fine, I am trying to figure out what we are missing
with FFMPEG...

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