[FFmpeg-user] FFMPEG has trouble processing file while VLC plays mp2ts just fine

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Wed Dec 16 10:27:07 EET 2020

Am Di., 15. Dez. 2020 um 10:06 Uhr schrieb serge2school
<korn.moffle at hotmail.com>:

> I have a major problem trying to read a video file using ffmpeg, while VLC
> has no trouble replaying it.

I see very similar issues with vlc playback as with FFmpeg - everything
else would be a surprise: The recording has issues which can happen
with dvb recordings.

If you have further questions, please test current FFmpeg git head
first, no other versions are supported on this mailing list.

Carl Eugen

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