[FFmpeg-user] need assistance with combining two different calls

Ram Shaffir ram at ram.sh
Sat Dec 19 18:57:48 EET 2020

> I wasn't able to reproduce.
> Does it help if you drop the -re flag? I don't think it's needed here.
> --
> Andriy

Hello Andriy, thank you for having a look at my case!

I did try without the -re flag, same results.

I was in contact with 6by9 who's one of the RPI engineers, and he identifies the root of the problem is with the 'uvcvideo' driver, here's his reply:

"Uvcvideo. In which case I suspect you're correct that it's the linked issue of v4l2 delivering an empty frame under some error or disconnect condition. There was some rework to uvc for handling disconnection whilst streaming better, but I don't recall which kernel version that was in."

The full conversation: https://www.raspberrypi.org/forums/viewtopic.php?f=38&t=295129&p=1782626#p1782583

Thx again!

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