[FFmpeg-user] PNGs with transparent pixels to GIF

pdr0 pdr0 at shaw.ca
Sun Dec 20 21:54:57 EET 2020

MediaMouth wrote
> In this case the "artifact" I was referring to was a piece of the opaque
> image itself that remains on all frames of the GIF even though it does not
> appear in the source PNGs
> I posted the ZIP file of the source PNGs and resulting GIF here
> <https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Eu1Qy8LWHrcanwtn84Klwh-k4IZtM4Na/view?usp=sharing>
> if that helps.
> Here's the reference CLI again, used to convert the PNGS to GIF:
>> ffmpeg -i PngSeq/Frame_%05d.png -framerate 12 -filter_complex
>> "palettegen[PG],[0:v][PG]paletteuse" PngSeq.gif

This has to do with gif frame disposal , and has been fixed a few months
back. I cannot reproduce it locally.  You need up update your ffmpeg.

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