[FFmpeg-user] How to get DVB-Teletxt into MP4

Carl Eugen Hoyos ceffmpeg at gmail.com
Sun Feb 9 03:59:39 EET 2020

> Am 09.02.2020 um 02:38 schrieb Reino Wijnsma <rwijnsma at xs4all.nl>:
>> On 2020-02-09T02:29:18+0100, Robin A. Jensen via ffmpeg-user <ffmpeg-user at ffmpeg.org> wrote:
>> I dont have 15 sec sample.
> ffmpeg -ss 00:04:45 -i 'Beck_ _je for _je (4).ts' -to 00:05:00 -c copy sample.ts


Don’t use ffmpeg to cut your samples, avoid it at all costs! dd is your friend.

Carl Eugen

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