[FFmpeg-user] gif overlay miscalculating x and y, extra frame flash

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Mon Feb 10 19:59:56 EET 2020

Am 10.02.2020 um 18:31 schrieb Michael Koch:
> Paul,
>>> Nevertheless I have the same problem as the original poster, also 
>>> when I
>>> add :format=rgb. Something is wrong with the x,y calculations in the
>>> overlay filter. In my example I'm using sendcmd to set x and y. The
>>> coordinates are sometimes off by a few pixels. At the moment my command
>>> line is too complicated to show here. Give me a little bit of time to
>>> find an example that's easier to reproduce.
>> No, as already said if timebases and fps do not match you can not get
>> results you expect.
>> Use fps filter somehow...
> Here is a new example for unexpected behaviour of the overlay filter:
> c:\ffmpeg\ffmpeg -f lavfi -i testsrc2=size=hd1080:duration=10 -f lavfi 
> -i color=black:size=50x50:duration=7 -lavfi 
> "[1]sendcmd=f=test.cmd[2];[0][2]overlay=x=0:y=0:format=rgb" -t 10 -y 
> out.mp4
> The coordinates come from this test.cmd file:
> 0.0-1.0   overlay x 'lerp(1735-50,1723-50,t)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 527-50, 529-50,t)';
> 1.0-2.0   overlay x 'lerp(1723-50,1605-50,t-1)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 529-50, 526-50,t-1)';
> 2.0-3.0   overlay x 'lerp(1605-50,1440-50,t-2)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 526-50, 526-50,t-2)';
> 3.0-4.0   overlay x 'lerp(1440-50,1266-50,t-3)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 526-50, 523-50,t-3)';
> 4.0-5.0   overlay x 'lerp(1266-50,1113-50,t-4)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 523-50, 523-50,t-4)';
> 5.0-6.0   overlay x 'lerp(1113-50,1007-50,t-5)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 523-50, 522-50,t-5)';
> 6.0-7.0   overlay x 'lerp(1007-50, 966-50,t-6)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 522-50, 522-50,t-6)';
> 7.0-8.0   overlay x 'lerp( 966-50, 964-50,t-7)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 522-50, 522-50,t-7)';
> 8.0-9.0   overlay x 'lerp( 964-50, 964-50,t-8)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 522-50, 522-50,t-8)';
> 9.0-10.0  overlay x 'lerp( 964-50, 964-50,t-9)',
>           overlay y 'lerp( 522-50, 522-50,t-9)';
> Please note that all movements end at 8s. No movement is specified 
> from 8s to 10s.
> In the command line I have two different durations, 10s for the main 
> video and 7s for the overlay.
> Expected behaviour would be that after 7s the last frame is used and 
> overlaid at the correct position.
> But it seems that sendcmd gets the wrong time, so that there is 
> movement visible until the end at 10s.

I just found my error myself. The sendcmd command is inserted at the 
wrong place in the filter chain. It must be inserted where the longer of 
the two inputs is.


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