[FFmpeg-user] h264 videos are darker

Gyan Doshi ffmpeg at gyani.pro
Mon Feb 17 07:22:47 EET 2020

On 17-02-2020 02:52 am, Ted Park wrote:
>> Thanks for the response; I'm a little confused about "output pixel format", as I thought that the -pix_fmt flag is for that. The -pixel_format flag seem to be for the input.
>> So question, what flag are you referring to? Is there another flag to be used for the 'output pixel format’?
> I think pixel_format is just a private option for some decoders that should be mapped to pix_fmt. pix_fmt is both an input and output option, so if you put it before the input it is an input option and if you put it before the output it is an output option.

It's the other way around. -pix_fmt as input will be mapped to 
-pixel_format for the device/raw input demuxer if it exists. As an 
output option, it inserts a format filter at the end for that output stream.


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