[FFmpeg-user] Question

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Mon Feb 17 23:19:06 EET 2020

> It is a live TV Streaming site and the VOD remains for 7 days.

Then you’d probably have better luck downloading the VOD episodes when they become available, since in a VOD stream, segments don’t “expire” and the master playlist stays constant unlike a live “event” type stream. Unless you were already doing that? If you were, the problem might be something else.

> Download speed: 7.84
> Upload speed: 0.61

I mean honestly it does seem like it would be unbearable but that’s just because I’m spoiled. The download speed is around what you would get with a dedicated t2 circuit, I don’t think it’s considered too bad compared to the global average and encoding houses take that into account when delivering for web streams. 

But what’s more relevant is the speed you get when you’re downloading the actual stream, I assume the test was done on a different server, the speeds you get when you’re connected to the server with the media segments will be different. I don’t know what the CDN of niconico is like, but how far you are away from Japan might affect it a lot.

Your connection speeds shouldn’t even matter if you download a VOD stream (apart from the time it takes), the streaming service might still invalidate the URLs after a while, but usually not while you still have an open connection. If you can post the output of 
% ffmpeg -loglevel trace -i "m3u8 master playlist url" -c copy -bsf:a aac_adtstoasc “example.mp4”
We’d know more.
Try to post the output of the command you run when you post to this list in general, it includes a lot of relevant information.

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