[FFmpeg-user] Using FFMpeg to produce LL-HLS

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 19 17:18:51 EET 2020

> Ok, further tests reveal that it is the TS nature of it that FFmpeg is
> complaining about.  If I run two separate ffmpeg commands, the first one
> re-encoding with libx264 and outputting mpegts to udp:// and
> the next receiving from udp:9036 and converting to -f dash it throws the
> same error "incompatible with output codec id", yet if the encoding goes
> straight to the -f dash it's happy.  So now the question becomes:
> How do I strip the h264 stream from the ts to feed to -f dash?


That’s sort of what a remux does in the first place.
I take it you are going to re-encode after all, can you post the stdout and stderr output from running the commands? Is that the only error or are there more errors before that message as before?
You can force the codec tag to be anything with -tag:v $TAG but I doubt that is relevant here.

Ted Park

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