[FFmpeg-user] silenceremove use

Ted Park kumowoon1025 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 20 09:44:01 EET 2020

The attachment in your first reply went through fine, I can see it. But it is too simple, I mean I can remove silence in it pretty well with 
% ffplay Downloads/sample.wav -af "silenceremove=start_periods=1:start_threshold=-30dB"
But I assume you’re having more trouble with the original file because there’s occasional noise in the “silence” you want to remove, and the silence isn’t just at the beginning. Something more representative of the file you’re working with would be more helpful.

> The first command i copied directly from a forum post.
> The recording on my phone doesn't have a noise or sound that exceeds
> -20dB until 10 minutes 47 seconds.
> The output file left by the first command has the first 2,5 seconds
> missing and starts directly with a sound. Where in the recording
> on my phone that sound starts at 2,5 seconds.
> The second command as it seems left an output file that sounds
> like it plays at twice the speed. Coincidentally it's about half
> the size and duration. But everything seems to be still there
> and nothing is removed.

I was confused by this at first since it doesn’t seem consistent with what you described before but is this the result when the sample you sent us is used with the same commands?

> Unfortunately i can't send a more extensive logging because it seems
> when -loglevel or -v is used i get no output in console at all.

No output at all is weird, but did you set -loglevel $LEVEL where LEVEL is quiet, panic, fatal, error, warning, info, verbose, debug, or trace?

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