[FFmpeg-user] http_persistent not honored when encryption is enabled

Valentin Schweitzer vs at nativewaves.com
Thu Feb 20 13:10:21 EET 2020


> Persisting connections is the default and the same is true for multiple connections if the server supports it. Have you ruled out your http server config as the cause?

We tried multiple different Web servers as noted above to rule out
that the Web server is the cause of the problem. As noted above, we
can see in Wireshark that the connection is being closed by ffmpeg.
We can attach a Wireshark dump, if desired. It seems like a bug to us,
since ffmpeg closes the connection despite http_persistent being
enabled, and everything works fine when encryption is not used.

We also tried adding av_log messages to the s->io_open and
ff_format_io_close calls in hlsenc.c in function hlsenc_io_open
and hlsenc_io_close to check if these functions are called for
each segment (and thus the connection is opened/closed).
The log messages seems to be in line with the behaviour
described in the first message, showing an open/close for each
segment when encryption was enabled, but only one open/close
per stream when encryption was disabled.

> Also does this matter for localhost, or is that just a placeholder for examples?

All tests so far were performed on localhost, but the issue also
occurs when connecting to a Web server in the local network.


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