[FFmpeg-user] List server 'myposts on' fails to echo my own posts

Mark Filipak markfilipak.windows+ffmpeg at gmail.com
Mon Feb 24 05:29:29 EET 2020

On 02/23/2020 09:48 PM, Carl Zwanzig wrote:
> On 2/23/2020 5:33 PM, Mark Filipak wrote:
>> Past: I received echoes of my own posts.
>> Now: I do not receive echoes of my own posts.
> Kind of surprised you were seeing them before, it's a known problem (in 
> the mailing list community) that goog will try to suppress your own 
> posts to a list ("you wrote it so you've already seen it"). Some get 
> through, many don't.

There are 3 reasons why that can't be correct and that the problem is 
with the ffmpeg-user list server (probably configuration):
1, Other lists that use mailman work as intended (i.e., I get my own 
posts echoed back to me, for example: support-thunderbird & 
2, When I log into my markfilipak.windows Google Account, echoed 
messages from ffmpeg-user are NOT FOUND in the trash, and
3, I use Google Mail for POP, only, NOT for SMTP, so Google has no way 
to know (or track) my role in ffmpeg-user.

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