[FFmpeg-user] List server 'myposts on' fails to echo my own posts

Nicolas George george at nsup.org
Mon Feb 24 16:55:06 EET 2020

Reindl Harald (12020-02-24):
> > Refrain from insulting users. Thanks in advance
> using a random SMTP server for a random domain is foolish, by the user
> and by the ISP which accepts mails with envelope senders for which he
> has no business
> this is a classical FORGED MAIL and deserves to be fighted with fire
> because with such, again, fools the life of mail operators is terrible
> by trying to distinct junk and forged stuff from foolish users

I don't care about your arguments. Make your point politely or do not
make it at all on this mailing-list. That's all.

  Nicolas George
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