[FFmpeg-user] amix fills 16Gb memory, ffmpeg killed

S Andreason sandreas41 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 27 23:46:59 EET 2020

Lou Logan wrote:
> On Thu, Feb 27, 2020, at 7:50 AM, S Andreason wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I am trying to join 11 video files, each 3 minutes in length. I can get
>> the video rendered correctly, where the audio only lasts 3 minutes from
>> input 0. But when I add the amix filter, it fills 16Gb of memory in 2
>> minutes and gets it's process killed.
>> The full command line and output, before and after adding
>> ;amix=inputs=11:duration=longest
>> are in this 43Kb text file:
>> https://www.seahorsecorral.org/videos/tests/ffmpeg-killed-16Gb-memory-full.txt
> That's a large command for us to have to parse. I recommend omitting
> anything that isn't required to reproduce the issue and to provide a minimal
> command that still shows the problem. It will increase your chances to receive
> answers. Provide a link to any files that are needed so we can try it if it can't
> be reproduced with synthetic inputs (testsrc2 and sine filters for example).
Yes it is large. A good reason I provided it as a separate file. And I 
highlighted the only filter I changed.

My first concern: Did I use the amix filter incorrectly?
I was looking for an alternative to trimming and concat. "Can I do it 
all in one command and avoid the iframe issue."
Either the answer is no, or I just did it wrong.
Paul's answer indicates no. Thus this approach should be dropped?

Also if I did it incorrectly, then I was looking to understand what part 
of the command either leaked or asked for an infinite length file in memory.

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