[FFmpeg-user] Compiling independent ffmpeg

Matthew Webber quickhare at hotmail.com
Sun Jan 12 20:38:23 EET 2020


I compiled ffmpeg on Ubuntu 18.04 perfectly fine. I installed a whole
load of dev packages and compiled with lots of options, and all went

However when I removed the packages liblensfun-dev, libmodplug-dev,
libcodec2-dev and libfdk-aac-dev ffmpeg failed to work. Looking deeper
it is now missing liblensfun.so.1, libmodplug.so.1, libcodec2.so.0.7 and
libfdk-aac.so.1. Re-installing those packages makes those components
available and the program runs again.

Does the compilation not create these files or embed them into ffmpeg?
Are there any options I need to ensure these are created so I no longer
need these packages? I want to have program files that will work without
any of the other packages installed.

Matthew Webber
(QuickHare at Hotmail.com)

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