[FFmpeg-user] ffmpeg -layer flag

Dan Walker walkerdan1 at gmail.com
Sat Jan 18 03:39:29 EET 2020


I'm trying to find info on the -layer flag for ffmpeg which seems to be
undocumented in terms of examples.

I have a sequence of multilayer EXRs that I'm trying to convert to JPEG and
from the sounds of it, I would be able to extract channels in the
multilayer EXR [e.g. R,G,B or Diffuse, etc....] and outtput the JPEGS that
way due to ffmpeg not being able to straight up convert from mutilayer EXR
-> JPEG.

I've scoured the web, can't find anything in terms of examples on how to
use this flag.


EXR AVOptions:
-layer .D.Vā€¦. Set the decoding layer (default ā€œā€)



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