[FFmpeg-user] Play video and simultaneously record audio

Michael Koch astroelectronic at t-online.de
Sun Jan 19 14:45:54 EET 2020

Hello Gyan,

>> I did try the above example (with some changes) but it has another 
>> problem: FFplay can't be stopped when the video has ended, and it 
>> uses the full screen. Which means I can't see the console window and 
>> can't close it. FFmpeg can only be stopped by the task manager.
> Looks like your video resolution is equal to or greater than your 
> display. Add `-vf scale=iw/2:-1` to resize it.

ok, this works fine and now I can see the console window and close it 
when the video has ended.

> Add -autoexit to quit ffplay when it detects EOF.

This didn't work in my test. The FFplay window remains open and shows 
the last frame, until I manually close the FFmpeg console window. 
Pressing "q" or "esc" to close the FFplay window does only work if the 
video is still running, but not if the video has already ended.

I've written a summary into my book in chapter 3.16 (but chapter 
numbering may change in future):

Thanks for your help,

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