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Chris c319chris at aol.com
Sun Jan 19 22:00:25 EET 2020

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> ffmpeg with the command-line interface forces video levels to either 0 - 255 or 16 - 235

> Ok.
> Could you 1) repeat the usecase for other levels and 2) post the command line
> that produces a file for this use-case but with wrong video levels.

> Carl Eugen
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If I understand your question correctly, I am adjusting video levels by means of an external C program and writing the video frames to a file using ffmpeg for compliance with EBU R 103. This almost works but for the fact that ffmpeg is altering the video levels I have set. Is that much clear?
I am not reporting a "bug" or an "issue", but am requesting something that does not yet exist in ffmpeg.
out_range=full gives video levels in the range 0 - 255. That is the normal, expected behavior of the program and is not the issue here, hence it is not a "bug".

out_range=tv gives video levels in the range 16 - 235. That is likewise normal and expected behavior and not the issue.

I am requesting a new feature, out_range=unity, which would not alter the video levels, i.e. would not force them to 0 - 255 or 16 - 235 but instead would leave the values in the frame buffer alone.

There is no instance of ffmpeg producing the "wrong" video levels so I don't know what you would learn from the command line or the program output.

Does that make it clear?

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