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> ffmpeg with the command-line interface forces video levels to either 0 - 255 or 16 - 235

> Ok.
> Could you 1) repeat the usecase for other levels and 2) post the command line
> that produces a file for this use-case but with wrong video levels.

> If I understand your question correctly, I am adjusting video levels by means of an
> external C program and writing the video frames to a file using ffmpeg for
> compliance with EBU R 103.

> How do you "write" the video frames?
> Please provide the command line including the complete, uncut console output.

> And please fix your mailer's quoting, Carl Eugen
The program is functioning correctly when I write the frames, so I don't know what you're expecting to see if I post the command line and console output. Again, I'm usingĀ out_range=full and out_range=tv without issue and the program performs exactly as expected. There is no issue with the operation of the program, no bugs, no malfunction. It works exactly as expected.
That's the best I can do with the quoting._______________________________________________
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